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Foto: Sveriges Akademiska Idrottsförbund Johanna S:t Clair Renard

New Leadership and Management Program Strengthen Swedish Sports

16 OKT 2018 15:00
The Swedish University Sports Federation is very proud to have the president of our International committee, Johanna S:t Clair Renard, as a facilitator of the new leadership program that the Swedish Sports Confederation is organizing.
  • Uppdaterad: 16 OKT 2018 15:00

The first session of the program starts October 17th, at Bosön, Stockholm and we have taken the chance to ask Johanna about her thoughts and expectations of the program.  

We hope to educate safe leaders and management that can take bold and good decisions and be prepared for the future.

The Swedish Sports Confederation is doing a major investment to strengthen the leadership at top management in Sports. What effect do you see will come out of this investment?

– Strengthening leadership is a focus area in Strategy 2025 for the Swedish Sports Confederation.We hope to educate safe leaders and management that can take bold and good decisions and be prepared for the future, says Johanna S:t Clair Renard.

As one of two facilitators for the new Sports Leadership- and Management Program, what do you look most forward to?

– I am excited that the program has been so popular with many applicants. After interviewing all participants, I really look forward to see them get challenged as leaders and develop their leadership skills to come closer to the vision “Swedish Sports - best in the world”.

What challenges do you see for leaders and managers in the future?

– Be knowledgeable and even more professional in many fields like leadership, economy, knowledge about the specificity of sports in society etc. They must continue to learn and educate themselves at a much higher level.

We look forward to following the outcome of the program and wish Johanna the best of luck.

Did you know?

The five most important competences in the work environment in 2020 according to a survey done by 371 companies and organizations in 15 countries

  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • People Management
  • Coordination with others

Source: EU3leader, developing entrepreneurial third sector leaders in Europe

Want to know more?

Website to The Swedish University Sports.


Facts about Johanna S:t Clair Renard

  • Professional work: Facilitator Swedish Sports Leadership- and Management Program together with Kristoffer Berg
  • President of International Committee Swedish University Sport
  • Former President of Swedish University Sports
  • Loves: Skiing, yoga and development, both for people and organizations. 




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